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I'm Althea, Certified Wellness Coach, LMT, Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, Herbalist, Science of the Mind Practitioner, Detoxification Specialist, and Spiritual Teacher.

Are you looking for guidance, inspiration, or someone to coach you on your  journey to wellness, good health, and happiness? Well.....

Good Vibrational Connection Wellness Coaching helps you to become that wholeness by providing one and one coaching sessions that focuses on mind, body and spirit.
Once you have integrate The mind, body, and Spirit you become more happy, feel healthier, and just more one with yourself.
Somethings that may alter the balance of your wholeness is Stress, Anxiety, Environment, Trauma, Diet and Emotional Stress.

Each client is coached on their specific needs.
Sessions can include: Meditation, Exercise, Sound Therapy, Diet Plan, Breathing Exercises, etc.

15 minutes free consultation for new clients

45 Minute $65
60 Minute $100
60 Minute  6 Sessions $550

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